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The Challenge – Borrowed from the Great Jim Rohn

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    The Challenge

      “Let Others Lead Small Lives but not You

     Let Others Argue Over Small Things  but not You

       Let Others Cry Over Small Hurts but not You

      Let Others Leave Their Future in Someone Else’s Hands but not You”

                                                                                                                                        by Jim Rohn


“A Bird Does Not Sing Because it has an answer-it Sings because it has a Song”

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A Bird Does Not Sing Because it has an answer-it Sings because it has a Song” -Chinese Proverb

         We may not have all the answers but, hell, we can sing anyway.  We can sing to anyone that will listen, and hope that we have been heard.  Life is not supposed to be filled with perfect answers to every question or concern that arises in our day.  But it is made up of different people with different tunes that when pulling that all together can create a beautiful song of love, support commitment, etc…in that you may find many answers, more than you originally thought you needed.

I am sure that all you Bold Girls out there have some favorite songs, some even have meaning, please share them with us here today and I will share mine.  For some reason mine all time favorite song is an oldie but a goodie by Gladys Knight and the Pips – Midnight Train to Georgia, it pours into me the intense love and commitment I not only have for my man, but for my family.  The next best one is another oldie, but suits the situation just fine.      My Girl by the Temptations, for my little girl and although I altered it just a tad, but it is all the same.  Both of these move me when I hear them, and challenge me to be the best mother, wife and family member I can be.  Making me very aware of the strong love and devotion I have for them.  We can be Bold, Strong, and Determined, and still be mindful that we are moved to feel things, its is not weak its enjoyment. 

So all you Bold Girls out there I dare you to leave your comments with your songs on here for all to hear and share with you.  You never know you may find a new tune.

“SO”… A Lesson with Belinda

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 You are a little girl on the elementary school playground.  During recess you are swinging on the swing set with a few of your friends.  Belinda (the cute blonde with pigtails) approaches the group and starts making fun of your new dress in front of everyone.  You love your new dress and was just showing it off to your friends in the morning.  Now she comes along saying it is ugly and it looks like something your mother sewed, maybe you should shop somewhere else.  Your response  “SO”…

  “SO”,..“SO”… is all Belinda can say back, what is this “SO” she doesn’t understand, and she huffs off.

 Fast forward to High School.  You are out of your pre-puberty awkward stage, and a lot of people including the boys have taken notice. While you are quite oblivious to the attention you are now receiving, one person is not.  Good ol’ Belinda.  Yep if you hadn’t noticed she is really hating on you now.  Your hair is perfect and you don’t even try.  The braces you had for three years have left behind a beautiful smile.  Belinda can’t have that, so she plots her girlish revenge.  On the one day that you wear this cute white blouse at lunch she accidently runs into you and yep, believe it or not spills a bottle of water all over your shirt, that is now…well… see through.  To top it off she is having one her friend’s video taping it.  She is laughing and making fun, and once again you shrug your shoulders and say “SO”, and off to clean up you go.  Later in the day after school has let out your phone won’t stop going off with messages about the video that she had her friend take and it’s all over Facebook, and boy is your bra totally showing through.  Your friends are throwing questions out at you….Aren’t you horrified, doesn’t this bother you? Are you going to retaliate?  Your friends are flabbergasted at your basic response of “SO”, let her do what she’s gonna do, So What”.

 The moral of the story is that when dealing with bullies either in our school years or adult life, if we give in to acting out just like they do, they have actually won.  Yes, it is so much harder to just say “SO” or “SO WHAT”, but most of the time when we take that attitude toward the problem, they end up looking like the fool not you.

 Keep your head high, you know who you are and what you stand for, whether it is a new dress, Yourself, or another friend.  At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the Belinda’s of the world think, it’s what you think and those that love you and care for you think.  Because they will be in your life and you will be living your own life long after Belinda has left it. 

 Don’t feel bad for yourself feel bad for the Belinda’s in the world, they will always be trying to prove something because inside they feel bad about themselves.  So they want others to feel bad too. 

 We Bold Girls relish in the word “SO”, we are proud to use it, because we are proud of ourselves, we stand tall and proud no matter where or what we come from.. 

Fair is Fair and Bold Girl’s also like to share, so to all you Belinda’s out there that need to borrow “SO”, you go right ahead and I will bet when you do not far behind will be a Bold Girl cheering you on.

 **This post was inspired by Bill Cosby